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Vancouver City Hypnotherapy
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnotherapy safe?​

Yes, as long as you work with a skilled Hypnotherapist with many years of experience. You can only be hypnotised if you want to be. No one can make you do anything you don't want to do.

How much does a session cost?

Adrian's sessions are $300 for 90 minutes. If you have the time the session will go for 2 hours. Adrian will spend another 30 minutes preparing for the session and emailing you the activities and hypnosis audios after the session.

Can I wake up out of the Hypnotic State?

Yes you can wake up whenever you want. All of Adrian sessions are client directed. You are aware of what is happening when doing deep work.

Can anyone be Hypnotized?

Almost everyone! There are some exceptions. Anyone drunk from alcohol, anyone with senility, psychosis or drug use. 

How many sessions will I need to do?

Adrian suggests that you start by doing 3 sessions to get the full scope of the work. Most issues take 3 to 6 sessions. Deeper rooted sessions may take more. Adrian's goal is create success as soon as possible.

How does it feels to be Hypnotized?

You will feel more deeply relaxed then you have ever felt. You conscious mind will be quiet and you will be focused and clear. After the session you will feel calm and have more positive thoughts.

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