Cathy Chen

"I am dedicated to encouraging, empowering and guiding you on your journey to unleash your personal power. To show you how you can thrive and create a life of happiness. "

Cathy Chen

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Cathy has always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, she has been dedicated to learning and studying human optimization for over 20 years. 


Cathy had her own journey of healing of childhood trauma which lead her to study and practice meditation in India for 15 months. 


She is also certified in other healing modalities and techniques such as PSYCH-K that she incorporates into some of her sessions.  

Some areas Cathy specializes in are trauma, anxiety and sleep disorders etc. She has experiences with wide range of symptoms and issues.

It was after her own transformation through hypnotherapy, she attended the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Sciences to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist in order to help others transform their lives. She is also a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association.

Clinical Hypnotherapy - Vancouver City Hypnotherapy

Client Testimonials:

"Working with Cathy has been a truly transformational experience. In just 4 sessions I have finally been able to overcome the self-sabotaging tendencies and lack of self-worth that had been plaguing me for most of my life. Her approach is unique and she specifically tailors each session to match your needs. Her knowledge and experience in hypnosis is vast and she was able to walk me through all the processes and changes I was experiencing as if she had already experienced them herself. Cathy was always available to talk in between sessions offering advice and assistance answering any questions I had with compassion, I never once felt like a customer or just another client. Cathy offers a genuine interest in your wellbeing and her pleasant attitude and soothing voice make each session a joy to attend. She creates a tranquil space free of judgement for each session and as someone with difficulty opening up to people, I found it very easy to dive deep into my trauma and finally work through it in Cathy’s presence. I feel like a completely new person; I’m confident, in control of my thoughts, and genuinely happy to be me, something I never thought was possible let alone could happen in less than a month. Hypnotherapy is a complete game changer and Cathy is top tier, I can’t recommend her enough. If you have been constantly struggling with anything in your life or have ever felt powerless to change, you owe it to yourself to work with Cathy. Stop reading reviews and book a session."

Garrett c, Entrepreneur, Vancouver Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Whenever I thought of Hypnotherapy I either thought of mind control or a hoax. I AM SO GLAD I WAS WRONG! I used to do regular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and did 16 consecutive sessions. Hypnotherapy did in TWO sessions what CBT

did not do in SIXTEEN. I feel like I actually dealt with the source of my problems as opposed to the symptoms they were causing. Regular talk therapy covered

the symptoms of my problems but not the source. Cathy helped me tackle the source. She helped me identify the limiting thoughts I was telling myself and helped me replace them with new ones that now make me feel amazing. I am so passionate about the path I have chosen for myself (online entrepreneurship) and have this newfound confidence to pursue it to the best of my abilities! 
I have attracted so many like minded people to my internet business without even paying for it and I am CHOOSING to speak to them with voice texts as it is so much faster than typing! Something I used to struggle with before as I used to need to plan what I wanted to say. I always wondered why some people I know must continuously go to therapy over and over again for years. Well now I believe it’s because it wasn’t working. If you want your problems dealt with permanently and in a remarkably short period of time, please reach out to Cathy and get started. My only regret is that I didn’t discover her services sooner!

steve olah, Entrepreneur, vancouver Canada


Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

If you're reading this debating if clinical hypnotherapy is as effective/worth the money or if Cathy in particular is a good choice you can trust me when I say Cathy is extremely compassionate, informative , professional and makes you feel like your talking to an old friend while you sit there essentially baring the most vulnerable parts of yourself that you didn't even know existed within you. 


I've found CH to be so much more effective than other therapy experiences.CH focuses on the root of whatever issue you're having (self doubt, smoking, sleeping- anything!) and can take you to the point in time in which you developed the particular feeling or belief ( usually as a kid for me) and to keep this testimonial short I'll just say Cathy does her thing and helps you get past it. 


Note: you are in total control of what you say and your thoughts. I know that can be a concern for some.


As a young Irish woman (29) from a 'poor' family and the youngest of 9 siblings, I went to Cathy as I have always struggled with having my own identity and being my own person/different to my family back home, feeling guilty if/when I don't meet my families expectations (calling or texting or being as involved as they would expect) I also struggled with a 'lack' mentality and feeling 'stuck' amongst a few other things.


This testimonial would be 8 pages long if I detailed all of the changes/ripple effect CH has had and continues to have on my life but I have had about 4 sessions now within 4 months and as a former uptight control freak with a tendency to overthink everything I am often brought to tears at just how truly free I feel and how far I have come thanks to Cathy.


What Cathy does is life changing in the best way and 100% worth the investment in yourself.


Angie wrenn, vancouver canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"I had an emotional trauma at age 28 (15 years ago at the time of the session). I got stuck in aftermath/post traumatic consequences, I lost myself. I tried different things over the years, they lightened my burden, but I still felt stuck in that state at the root. With Cathy after 1 session I experienced a shift like never before. I felt I found myself back entirely, completely. My root, foundation was restored. A miracle! I call it. I continued my affirmations for 21 days, and I still listen to them occasionally. I still have some things I am working on transforming, but they are much lighter, they are manageable."

Elena B. New York, USA

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Kind, compassionate and dedicated to healing is how I would describe Cathy! I met Cathy after struggling with depression and anxiety for almost a decade. No amount of counselling, medication or self motivation helped me like hypnotherapy sessions with her. Cathy truly wants you to heal and believes in you.....thus making it possible!! I recommend her to anyone looking to live a more fulfilling and happy life."

N.K Vancouver, canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

“I had always been interested in hypnotherapy and when my friend had told me about her experience with Cathy I was eager to make an appointment.

Upon the instant I first met Cathy I was calmed by her gentle and kind spirit. 

I felt comfortable and trusted Cathy with sharing my most inner insecurities and darkest parts of my life. 

She is compassionate, caring and empathetic. I feel she is wholeheartedly interested in helping me move past whatever it is I may be dealing with. 

After each session I have felt immense release, growth and awakening.

She has helped me move past so many “blocks” and helped me heal from past experiences. I booked my first movie role after my first sessions with Cathy proving that the deep work we have done helped me in so many ways - not just booking roles but in many other aspects in my life. Many of the tools Cathy has helped me with I use and continue to practise daily.

Cathy is one of the most amazing women I have ever met and I cannot wait to work with her more in the future. I am so thankful for her and the work she does. 

I don’t know what I would have done without her.“

Amy Lopes, Vancouver Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

   "The hypnotherapy sessions I have had with Cathy have been life changing!

I used to suffer from anxiety, and after receiving Parts Therapy it is completely gone. So incredible. Cathy is gentle, kind, & exudes a happy spirit that is so warm & welcoming. She makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole session. I am truly grateful to have met her and be introduced to her through Adrian. I would highly recommend her! Thank you for everything Cathy, you have helped me so much:)"

Shannon Crookes, registered nurse, Ontario Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"About 7 months ago I finally came to the realization that I was completely unhappy with my life. Working for others, not any real goals, content with the standard day to day. I decided to start a new career path. Within the community of entrepreneurs I soon realized that I was in need of some serious personal development and growth. My mind was a mess filled with self limiting beliefs and toxic emotions. Within the community I was linked to Adrian's group the Power On Movement. I was lucky enough to be there for the infancy of it starting with Adrian's first go live. All I can is that in the last 7 months I have become a completely different person. Everything around me has changed just from following Adrian and the Power On Movement and what they are doing for people. I have since done some hypnotherapy sessions with Cathy Chen. To sum it up, what is happening here is powerful. They have led me to the path and I am now ready to go after and achieve my dreams. Thank you Adrian, Cathy and everyone else who is spreading the love. My life only gets better from here on in."

Peter tsavdaris, Entrepreneur, whistler Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial


"I started working with Cathy 7 months ago. As I move through each session with Cathy, she helps me peel back layer after layer in perfect synchronicity with what I need at that time. It's so beautiful to watch the micro and macro shifts that have occurred in my life as a result of our work together. I really appreciate Cathy's balance of professionalism with her warm kind demeanour. She holds space with a calm and steady presence and her voice is so soothing that it takes away any resistance I might feel at the beginning of our session. She has my complete trust and I know she can support me as I go in deep to create changes needed in my life and to heal wounds of the past. Thank you Cathy! You are truly a gift. I'm so grateful for you!"

ishta, Artist, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial


"Hypnotherapy has changed my life. I've always felt an inner tug a war with myself..I'm confident but insecure, I'm outgoing but I'm shy, I'm happy but angry. I am shocked at how quickly I saw results even after my first session with Cathy....and the best part is that it's actually sticking! I look forward to continuing my hypnotherapy journey. Very grateful to have met both Adrian and Cathy, my life has drastically changed because of them ."

Salina, Registered Nurse, Kelowna Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial


"Cathy has helped me in ways I could have never imagined. Since seeing her for hypnotherapy sessions I feel like a lighter person. I had a very traumatic childhood, prior to seeing Cathy when I would think about it I would feel angry and sad. Now when I think about it I don't feel any emotional connection at all, this has lifted a great weight off of me. She is a wordsmith with affirmations and has helped me get clarity over goals and declare daily words of wisdom over my life -- that I have seen come to fruition. In my short time seeing her I was able to take my business to a new level of not only income but creativity as well. I wholly believe that when you hold onto trauma other pieces of your life get stunted. Since seeing her and releasing this I feel more confident in my work, passions, relationships and my overall day to day life. I highly recommend booking in with Cathy if you want to change your life for the better. "

Emma Rae, Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial


"Before I started working with Cathy I was very anxious and in constant fight or flight, feeling defensive and sometimes lost and unfocused. I was not present, I was anxious about the past or the future. After 3 sessions with Cathy I can honestly say the difference I am experiencing in myself is incredible. Even my husband has noticed a huge change. I am so much calmer and relaxed, and with the gentle guidance of Cathy I am learning to be a lot more present in every moment when my mind wanders off.

My confidence and self worth is increasing which is having a ripple effect on my relationship and my business. I am not afraid to put myself out there exactly as I am because I have let go of the negative self sabotaging and allowing myself to be fully seen.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and Cathy to anyone wanting to make changes in their life, with her gentle and caring guidance, anything is possible." - Rachel Ward Kiely, Australia

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy is an amazing Hypnotherapist. She is kind, gentle and creates a safe environment so you can fully let go. She deeply cares about her clients and is committed to facilitating the awakening of her clients personal power." 

Adrian Wesley - The Human Optimizer, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"It's been a pleasure working with Cathy.  She has a wonderful demeanour which made me feel at ease right away. What she does is more like magic, I was feeling above the sky after the session.  I feel a shift from the session already! Thank you for your love and passion Cathy!"

Solat Toosi - Co-Founder Soul Homes, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"When I first met Cathy, the depth of her warmth and compassion was apparent immediately. Her soothing tone, respectful, comfortable and cool manner put me at ease. I was in her hands and it’s a good place to be! She is very good at what she does – I believe she is a born-healer. I’ve had many sessions with Cathy and the effects were immediate and my life is so much better for it in every aspect. I had to restrain myself from writing what would seem to be a love letter, because well, Cathy is a very special person. She’s a Hypnotherapist yes, and a damn good one, but her wealth of knowledge and life experience runs like gold through quartz stone ~ beautiful when you find it!"

Heather Griffin -  Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"What Cathy has been able to do for me has been nothing short of life changing. I knew going in that I would be dealing with a lot of difficult issues from my past and also knew that I was going to have to feel at ease and safe if I was going to be able to tackle them. Cathy's energy is captivating and warm. I felt like I've known her for years and I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I was in amazing hands. Her passion for both her craft and for people is something that really shines. I am forever grateful for Cathy and what she does. Thank you so much."

Joey - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Winnipeg, MB

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy has been using hypnotherapy to help me conquer my fears and anxieties. I already feel a huge improvement in my self-confidence after only 3 sessions. Cathy is incredibly intuitive and deeply caring. She is a true healer and gives me invaluable advice to turn my problems around. I highly recommend her as she is amazing at what she does.  Thank you Cathy."

Tahnee wang - Mother, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Meeting Cathy and doing Hypnotherapy has been one of the greatest catalysts for my personal and spiritual growth. After our sessions, everything in my life started to shift. I could feel barriers and mental constructs begin to break down that had once held me back from knowing what I was deserving of. I now feel energized and full of life, like I have stepped out onto an entirely new platform where possibilities are endless! I am so grateful for these positive changes and transitions. The long term benefits are well worth the investment."

Julia "Inspire Oneness" - Kelowna BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy is my hero! 

I went to see Cathy for my depression, anxiety and my fears as a mountain biker and she has changed my life! 

The depression has vanished, the anxiety has all gone too and my head is so peaceful and quiet. 

It is wonderful and has allowed me to work on my mountain biking procession and without fear.

Thank you Cathy! You have changed my life." 

Charlotte - Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

“Cathy immediately put me at ease and I felt relaxed throughout our sessions. She methodically guided me to identify and release some blocks within me that I would always sense but never truly face and make conscious. I have since enjoyed the daily meditation, choosing to continue it past the 21 days because I feel it’s beneficial and I like to have it as part of my new routines. I feel empowered, freer and confident to apply positive thoughts to all fields of my life. It’s changing my vision on myself and others and I continue to make progress everyday.”

Silvia T. - Italy

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

“I came to Cathy because I felt like I needed to be ‘re-wired’. I noticed I was sinking under my negative and destructive thoughts and the person I thought I was (positive, upbeat, confident) was being poisoned by someone who was self-critical and insecure. Cathy makes me feel welcome, secure and comfortable and helps erase any expectations from the session so I actually look forward to my sessions knowing it is some time for peace and rest – like a gentle thought detox! She gave me tools to help between sessions, and even shared stories from some of her own personal experiences to aid with my own transformation. And that is what it is – a transformation. I look forward to my sessions with Cathy and have noticed a huge change in my life. I feel like myself again – but better, even gaining the confidence to change my careers – once something too scary to comprehend – now feels right. I truly believe that any change starts with our thoughts and I cannot sing Cathy’s praises enough for guiding me through. I will continue to invest in myself with Cathy’s services, but also consider her a new and dear friend.”

Alexandra McNaught, Entrepreneur - New Zealand

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy is one the most genuine and beautiful person I've met.  She is very compassionate and kind, she cares about her clients and is very dedicated to support you the best way she can.  She was always available to support me in between my sessions.  Her presence and her smile touched me right away, I knew I could tell her everything.  Her sweet and sensitive voice helped me to fully relax, to let go and I felt in a very safe environment without judgement.  Cathy was there at a time I had lost all hope. She gently and slowly helped me to open my heart to more awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. She participated into opening doors to my own path and I've been on a wonderful journey since then.  Love, peace and harmony.  I'm very grateful. " 

Laurence Allardin - Belgium

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy was recommended to me by a very close friend. I had recently ended a long-term romantic relationship and was having a very difficult time dealing with the emotions that were coming up. Up until that point self-improvement work had been a important aspect of my life. However, even though I had done so much work on myself there were patterns that continued to show up in my life. With Cathy’s help, we were able to get to the root and causes of a lot of the insecurities and emotional traumas that were responsible for these feelings and patterns. She also helped me with the negative self talk and stories that I was holding onto. The sessions that we had were very intense emotionally, but she provided a peaceful and safe environment which made me feel very comfortable to go to those dark and embarrassing places deep inside myself; which up until this point I was not able to face. I have recommended Cathy to several family and friends and will continue to do so. She is truly a spiritual and emotional healer and I am truly grateful that our paths crossed."

Ron Emerson - Vancouver BC 

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy has brought back parts of me that I'd lost and revealed parts of me that I never knew I had. I'm forever grateful for hypnotherapy and Cathy's magic, she is truly one of a kind. I turned to hypnotherapy because I had outgrown, and become too accustomed to, the tools I was using to get through life and its challenges. Not only has Hypnotherapy equipped me with new tools, but it has also been a life-changing journey. If you're looking for that moment where your life miraculously shifts, go see Cathy."

Angelika Walaszczyk, Vancouver Canada

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"I went to see Cathy for my sleep issues. I hadn't been sleeping well for over a decade, and I had exhausted all the conventional methods. Sleeping pills didn't help, nor did countless visits to psychiatrists and sleep clinics.  The first time I heard about  hypnotherapy is when my friend mentioned that her adult son of 24 years old, had seen a hypnotherapist for his severe nail biting habit. And it worked very effectively for him.  This led me to give hypnotherapy a try. Cathy is a very effective practitioner. Within three weeks of working with her I was sleeping again. I feel like a new person.  My energy has increased and I have room in my life for thinking about the future and planning for fun in my life. Cathy's genuine personality and gentle disposition, combined with her skill and commitment provided me with the structure to make changes. My teenage daughter has since met Cathy and has experienced a deep relief from anxiety.  It has been a gift to meet Cathy,  and I recommend her without question."

Vancouver B.C College Professor

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Entering every session with Cathy has from the start made me feel at ease and also happy, because her presence is incredibly calming and her energy is honestly pleasant. I was only ever excited about my appointments since I felt so safe and in the moment with her. I think the most important feeling to have when going through such types of therapy is someone who can make you feel like you are being listened to, and that your time does not have a set limit, and that's EXACTLY how Cathy made me feel :)."

Mandana, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

“Working with Cathy has changed my life. I struggled all my life with sugar cravings, it consumed all my thoughts for as long as I can remember. I reached out to Cathy and it was the best decision I have ever made. Cathy made me feel at ease right away. She has a lovely kind and gentle energy. Since the first session, I felt a change. I no longer think about sugar as a need and it does not consume my thoughts any longer. It is amazing. Since working with Cathy, I feel much more happy and that I have control of my thoughts” 

Amanda Coleman, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"After my meetings with Cathy I have became a different person,  someone I am proud to be no more anxiety or self doubt. Now I just enjoy every moment life has to offer, no longer worrying about what may come and embracing the unknown and living the in the moment. I feel I have grown more in the past few weeks more than I have in the previous decade. Cathy is calm professional and a pleasure to talk to."

Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial

"Cathy is a very special hypnotherapy guide. Her very presence is healing. She is non judgemental, wise, understanding, compassionate and loving. Everything one could hope for in a trusted therapist. She truly engages and listens and helps come up with an effective plan of action to help release subconscious programming.

In the months since I started working with Cathy I have experienced dramatic shifts in my relationship with my husband as well as with my work.

I continue to work with Cathy because I have a variety of core beliefs that have kept me stuck.  


I have had some profound insights while in hypnosis in Cathy's office and I am very excited to experience the unfolding of the 'new' me.


I highly recommend Cathy if you are looking for real and lasting change in your life."

N.B.  Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial