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Hypnotherapy in Vancouver
Adrian Wesley

Adrian is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He can help you with anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, insomnia, weight loss and much more.

Adrian Wesley

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Why choose Adrian for your hypnotherapy needs?

  • he has over 7 years experience using hypnotherapy in Vancouver, to help people set themselves free from whatever is holding them back.

  • He has an abundance of powerful reviews on his google business page (Vancouver City Hypnotherapy).

  • he has over 3500 hours experience doing one on one sessions.

  • he is the best Hypnotherapist in the Vancouver

Clinical Hypnotherapy - Vancouver City Hypnotherapy

Client Testimonials:

"Everything is way better with me. These sessions have really helped and I am feeling great again. I cannot thank you enough. Amazing!"

George Pololos - Electrician, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 


"I had my second Hypnotherapy session today...
after I processed my experience and burnt off the immediate energy, I was exhausted... but it wasn’t a bad exhaustion....It was the feeling after you have a baby. 
Energised,.. but tired....Happy,.. but releasing (tears).
At complete peace with the acceptance of a new Love to share. 
The healing process with Adrain has become my favourite bimonthly ritual. His suggestions and guidance has become part of my personal daily method of operations. Not only is he an amazing, compassionate healer, he is a wicked guy.

I highly recommend Adrian!! Give him a call."
Jessica Boate, Online entrepreneur - Super Mom, Fernie, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian is a miracle worker! A few sessions is all it took to change my life. I went from being negative and pessimistic about all things in life to being truly happy, grateful and seeing life from a completely new perspective. I am the happiest I have ever been and all that thanks to Adrian."

Matt Salin, Director, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian, I can't thank you enough for seeing me. I am so grateful to have met you. You are a very very special person that is going to make a huge difference in this world.
This has been the BEST experience for me."

Meena Natt, LPN, Care Manager, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"I couldn’t be more thankful to Adrian. Our sessions together changed my life.
I was at a place in my life where I was not happy, where all I saw was negativity. I felt overwhelmed with negative feelings, and felt like there was nothing I could do to get out of this state of mind. I felt powerless.
I have had 3 sessions with Adrian and I’ve never felt better. I didn’t think it was possible to feel this great after feeling so down and unhappy for so long. Everyone around me noticed that something was different. I was “glowing”.

It has been about two months now, and I have not had a single down time.

I am simply happy, and grateful for the life I have.
I am so happy to have encountered Adrian in my life,

and couldn’t recommend him enough."

Chloe Letellier, Marketing Specialist, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 


"Hi Adrian!
Things are changing already and I want to thank you again for everything.
If you are ever in doubt of your work, know that it matters and just one session has helped me more than I can make out in words."

Ramisha, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian. I have never met someone like you, with the ability to get straight to the point and blockage. Meeting you and the time you took for me I will be forever grateful for. You have a strong powerful light that imprints with strength and longevity. 

I remember your words in my head to this day...thoughts become things, train your thoughts because they are the wind in your sails."

Jubal Saville, Carpenter, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 


"Adrian is the real deal!! I had one session with him so far and I am already experiencing improvement in the areas we focused on. It was evident within the first 5 minutes of speaking with him that he is passionately committed to healing his clients which was refreshing and got me really excited about this process. I was impressed with his ability to create such a safe, comfortable space which allowed me to go really deep during our first session as this is a very difficult thing to do with a brand new client. I definitely plan on continuing with Adrian and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is interested in giving hypnotherapy a try!"

Maggie, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"If I could only speak to one person for the rest of my life, I would choose Adrian."

Chris Stoikos, CEO of

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Adrian's sessions this year. Adrian's warmth and openness immediately put me at ease. As he shared a few details of his own journey and exposed his own vulnerability, I started feeling more open and more trusting of the process I was about to enter.

While meditation is not new to me, I had absolutely no experience with hypnotherapy. Adrian's gentle yet direct approach was ideal for me, and I almost at once fell into a deep relaxed state where time and space ceased to exist. It is difficult to articulate the surreal state I found myself in as I left the office. For much of the remainder of the day I remained in a calm state of present moment awareness.

Adrian has earned my highest esteem for his

kind, gentle, and professional approach to his craft. "

Loney Forde, Professor, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Thanks Adrian! Today is exactly what I needed. After the session I experienced life where I am always programming and present and it is awesome. I am at a huge turning point in my life. I am the person I have always dreamed of being and I am not going to ruin it with useless negative self talk.

I am going to enjoy every moment.

Just wanted to say you are definitely doing what you are suppose to. I was absolutely impressed with how experienced, knowledgable and confident you are already.

Seems like you have been doing this for decades."

Curtis Jordan, Founder - Infinitive Journey Lifestyle community

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"I would recommend Adrian to anyone that wants to get unstuck in any area of their life with ease. Adrian has a true passion for helping people and consistently over delivers in value. My sessions left me feeling lighter, deeply content, and unstoppable.

Thank you!

Pascale Hansen, RX Risk Consultant, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian was incredibly welcoming, personable and supportive. I learned a lot about Hypnotherapy and myself, and would certainly recommend Vancouver City Hypnotherapy to anyone keen to learn more about themselves and experience a deep state of relaxation."

Sonu Purhar, Manger - Tourism Vancouver

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

  "Adrian is a master in his domain. He understands how humans are conditioned, and that we are all malleable. You do not have to live the way you live, with all of your constraints. I thought the way I was living was the only way life could be lived, Adrian helped me open up to a world of possibilities. After 5 sessions with Adrian, I feel more confident and in control of my future and the possibilities I am creating for myself.  You do not even have to be struggling in life, if you just want a boost, to enhance your life, Adrian is the man for that too.

Thank you for everything Adrian, and I look forward to a bright long future."

Arey Karasin, Entrepreneur, Vancouver. BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"My "Letting Go" session with Adrian was the most relaxing experience of my life. During the session I felt safe, comfortable and fully supported. The combination of Adrian's calming voice, nurturing personality and compassion led me to a freeing experience that left me feeling energized & surrounded by love and peace after "Letting Go" of the significant trauma I had experienced over the last year. I am blessed and grateful to have Adrian guiding me on this Journey and I look forward to working with him in future sessions. I am so proud of you Adrian, keep smiling and helping those around you! Thank you!"

Darcie Lynn, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"My LETTING GO session with Adrian was life changing and beyond powerful.

He is a master of the art of hypnotherapy.

He has a deep voice that helps bring you into a very relaxed and hypnotized state.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to tap into their subconscious and to anyone who wants to live life to the fullest."

Daniel Dubios, Founder -, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with Adrian a few years ago.

He has the ability to light up a room with the joy and love that he exudes in living life to its fullest. This made the decision to have a hypnotherapy session with him incredibly easy. He most importantly held a safe space and in doing so allowed for me to fully relax and receive.

Thank you Adrian for your kind heart, we are lucky to have you sharing this gift."

Dr. Julia Christensen, Naturopath ND, Victoria, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian I am feeling amazing. Thank you so much. I have been so calm and relaxed since the session and when I left it was like I was seeing everything through a positive lens. I am so grateful to know you and I truly appreciate all your support and guidance. I am excited to eliminate this from my life with your help.

I don't feel alone in this anymore thanks to you. For the first time I feel that I am understood and no longer alone. Thanks for everything."

Mo Mousavi, Property Manager, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian is a phenomenal hypnotherapist. After each session we have had I leave feeling more peace than ever. He is such a great tool and I am sure by using his services you could quit anything!"

Mercedes Gendron, Actress, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

 "Adrian that was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Never had such a shift in my state like that. Thank you. I am truly grateful and extremely excited."

Graham Young, Performance Coach, Speaker, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian cares about healing others and it shows. He took the time to get to know me and what I intended to accomplish before my therapy and followed up afterwards to provide support and encouragement. I've attended two hypnotherapy sessions to date and so far my thoughts have become more positive and I feel better equipped for my journey through life. I highly recommend Adrian."

Kony Joseph, HR Manager, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"I am now on my sixth hypnotherapy session with Adrian. I am experiencing greater personal power, inner peace and focus. What I did not expect was that my shoulder pain is gone and I am enjoying working out like never before. I also have more natural energy and not needing to see my friends at Starbucks as much. I suggest you call Adrian today if you need a boost or a faster way to relieve some personal challenges."

Rob Ell, Business Coach, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

Adrian! I wanted to let you know as a human, as a mom and as a wise (at times:)lol) very intuitive women I feel you are incredibly amazing, powerful, sweet, and so so brilliant. I and many of us are so lucky to have you a part of our lives! I am so excited to go to a new level in my life journey.

Being happy, healthy and whole has so many levels."

Sandra Vrba, Owner Refresh Naturals, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"I have had the honour of working with Adrian several times and each and every time I have had a session with him, the overwhelming love and support I experience from him and his guidance has had a profound impact on my journey of inner discover. 

His unique ability to encourage and support throughout the journey within is something that I have rarely encountered. The ease to trust him to be a part of this intimate opening of myself has been as simple as saying hi to a friend.

He is truly a gift to us all"

Jen Snow, Clinical Hypnotherapist-Reiki Master

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Adrian creates a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for everyone around him. His empathic and sincere nature makes speaking to him about my discrepancies easy. Thank you Adrian for being both accepting and supportive of me in my time of need. You have helped me unravel and rediscover my personal power.

I am forever indebted to you."

Taranee Ponjani, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"After only a few sessions with Adrian I feel I have unlocked my personal power. He has helped me get back the core of myself. I am now more empowered, motivated and excited about my possibilities than I have been in a very long time."

Cathy Comber, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"In only a few weeks Adrian helped me reach a whole new level of health and well being that I was not even aware existed. 

From the moment you meet Adrian you feel supported, safe and in good loving hands.

It is Adrian's true calling to assist others in finding a lighter, happier, loving life. I cannot speak higher of Adrian's practice.

He was born to do this and thank goodness he is.

The world is a more loving place with Adrian's help."

Chara Krangle, HoListic Nutritionist, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"Our sessions have proved successful in helping me release a great

deal of the childhood traumas and remove layers of false beliefs.

Adrian is very kind, compassionate and soft, I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to attain more clarity and have more serenity."

Cathy Chen, MEditation Coach, Vancouver BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"His ability to calmly talk through any issue with patience, compassion and insight is exceptional, and his breadth of life experiences allows him to discuss and understand any difficult situation.

Adrian emanates love and kindness and I feel lucky having him in my life."

Ivan Dimitrov, UVic student, Victoria, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

" From the moment we first spoke, I appreciated the deep kindness and understanding that he exuded at the most fundamental human level.

The world needs more people like Adrian. "

Steve Chapman, Executive, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

"After just one session with Adrian I knew something had changed... I woke up the next day feeling as if my mind and body had been put on a supercharger overnight!  I was more productive in my business, my mind was crystal clear, my relationships were better, and my life blossomed again. This feeling has yet to wear off weeks later and I am accomplishing more and more everyday. Thank you Adrian!"

Zac Ell, Personal trainer, Whiterock, BC

Vancouver City Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

How to contact Adrian Z Wesley
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