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Vancouver City Hypnotherapy
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Marie Bailey - 5 star rating

I've been working with Adrian for just over 3 months now and I cannot even put into words how much I've grown in these 6 sessions I've had so far. It's been life changing for me already. I've lost weight, started eating healthier, exercising everyday, found my passion and putting in effort to become the best version of me that I can be. Adrian is an amazing optimization coach & hypnotherapist but more than that, he truly cares about his clients and wanting to help them become happy and successful.

Ron Gent- 5 star rating

I met Adrian a few weeks ago and I was struck by his warmth as well as his analytical ability to get to the core of things in just seconds. He is genuinely interested in the well being of others and he truly cares. In the conversations I had he has made great impact and it was for me a life changing experience. I remember our first conversation in which he analyzed some parts of me in relation to my business and it gave me insight that has led to a change in business practice with a positive outcome. I became a member of the Fully Optimized team and I look forward to the, most likely profound, effect that will have on my business and me. Thank you Adrian!

Alix Noon - 5 star rating

My life has forever changed because of the tools that Adrian has given me. All areas of my life have flourished because I've learned to love myself and get back into my own life rather than living in my head, in a victim mentality. I'm forever grateful for the first session I had with Adrian because that was the start of this beautiful journey I've been on for the past 6 months. I'm booked to work with him for the next year and I can't wait to see everything else I create moving forward because he's given me the tools to trust myself and go within and listen to my heart. Adrian has helped me to create abundance in my life. The return on investment has been astonishing and something I never expected!
I highly recommend Vancouver City Hypnotherapy.

Zsuzsanna Kardos - 5 Star Rating

I was very excited and kind of nervous to see Adrian for the first time, even though I had heard a lot of good things about him and his hypnotherapy sessions. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.
Right from the beginning his friendly personality and caring, big heart shined through and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. All the tailored advice and recommendations were carefully selected to suit my needs. The first ever let go session with him made me feel extremely calm, happy and recharged. I was still floating way after the session. I felt like I was sitting in a big fluffy cloud and couldn’t stop smiling.
His very calm, beautiful voice still resonates in my mind days later. Adrian, thanks for everything that you do! 
Excited for the upcoming sessions.
You deserve to experience what he is offering! Do not 

Anonymous  - 5 star Rating

I was tired of investing in traditional therapy. I didn’t want to keep reliving my trauma and talking about what happened and how it made me feel. I could clearly see how the trauma was effecting my daily life and relationships. The coping mechanisms from a therapist were given. The safe place to express myself was there. However, it wasn’t working. I would feel better for a few weeks and then boom, completely triggered and had to go “talk about it.” The same patterns, the same conversations, and the same outcome. I was still trapped by my past.

Ericka Brummer - 5 star Rating

Thank GOD I found Adrian!
I was able to go on a journey in my mind and make peace with my past. Awaken the ME that was lost! Adrian gave me tools to overcome my past NOT just how to cope with what happened.
I was finally able to have tough conversations with people from my past that I would have never attempted before. I found my confidence again. I was healing from the inside out. I was open to new adventures that were healthy for me. I was changed….

It was freeing and exactly what I needed to finally release the pain and just let go.
I’m forever grateful and excited to continue the work of always coming home to myself!
Thanks Adrian for helping heal my soul and teaching me how to continue healing all on my own!
-Thank you will never be enough!

Cindy Schulz - Clinical Hypnotherapist - 5 star Rating

Adrian is a remarkable hypnotherapist with vast experience and knowledge. Over the years he has helped me with many issues.
His ability to listen and understand the challenges instantly put me at ease and allowed me to trust him and feel safe.
I feel so lucky so have meet Adrian, my life is forever changed because of it. If you are looking to become the best version of yourself then I highly recommend AdrianHad my first session with Adrian on Monday 19th Sept 2022.


Sai Alom- 5 Star Rating

He was so accommodating that even with the time difference between us (me being in the UK and Adrian in Thailand) we still managed to jump on a call and do the session.
I've known of Adrian for a while, since I listened to his "Power on Podcast" and follow him on Facebook. When I saw that he was taking online bookings again I had to reach out and see if he could fit me in.
There are a lot of hypnotherapists out there but Adrian is regarded as the very. best on this planet.
He's a genuine guy who truly wants to help people overcome/fix their faulty beliefs because he knows just how painful it is.
From the first moment, he put me at ease and I was able to open up to him about things I've never spoken about out loud.He was there, listening but with no judgment.
Had the best night's sleep after the session and can't wait for my next one.

Honestly reaching out to Adrian was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Stephen Collins - 5 Star Rating

Adrian helped me to see ME. Thanks to his hypnotherapy sessions and his Being I have unblocked so many self limiting stories. Through meeting with Adrian I began a deep deep journey within. I was a depressed, divorced, broken man when I met Adrian and the results we achieved through his practices brought me home to myself. It sparked my fire to continue doing "the work" and now I can truly say I love myself, all of myself. Thankyou for beginning my journey and opening the door for me to come home brother, I'm eternally grateful. Much love 🙏❤

Angela Domet - 5 Star Rating 

I have spent the last 11 years of my life searching for what I just found with Adrian! He is the most intuitive and capable person I have met ( and I have spent over $100,000 in my journey ) in terms of helping me to discover what has been holding me back from the success I deserve! I am soooo looking forward to continuing the journey with him. I feel safe to share and appreciate his compassion and insight as he works with me!

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