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A ONE minute video that could change your life: Awake in a Dream

"I can facilitate the awakening of your personal power. Together we can create solutions to overcome what is holding you back from being your greatest self."

Adrian Wesley

Clinical Hypnotherapist - Vancouver City Hypnotherapy

Do you want to turn on your Personal Power?

What Can Adrian & Cathy help you with?

Anxiety Relief
Weight Release
Grief Support 
Increasing Happiness 
Removing bad habits
Self esteem/ Self Confidence
Performance enhancement
Solving personal problems
Smoking Cessation
Increasing Personal POWER

Never Give up.

Change is Possible

Clinical Hypnotherapy - Vancouver City Hypnotherapy

Client Testimonial:

"As I had my sessions with Adrian, I was so impressed with not only his hypnosis skills, but his focus on regaining and strengthening my personal power.  I felt safe, cared for, respected and encouraged to be all that I can be."
Leslie, Langley.

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